Panchakarma Treatments – Part 1

Panchakarma Treatments - Part 1

1. The internal oiling (Snehapana).

At the start of Panchakarma after the first consultation with Dr. Ayurveda (Vaidya) Snehapana treatment is prescribed in accordance with the health and physiology in general. The procedure is very simple – to take a certain amount of melted butter with herbs. The purpose Snehapany – separate toxins and residues from the walls of the conducting channels.

2. Detox (Virechana)

Virechana – logically following the internal oiling procedure of removing toxins from the body. During this procedure, laxatives, which will remove toxins and waste from the body.

3. Ayurvedic massage (Abyanga)

“Abhyanga” means to “make smooth all parts of the body with the help of oil.” Oil Ayurvedic massage is an important part of preparation for the part of Panchakarma treatment. Abhyanga – a soft body massage oils infused with herbs and performed four hands by two masters of Panchakarma. As a result, Abhyanga gives the following results:

– Soothing qualities such as instability and dryness, helping to prevent an increase in disorders

– Makes the skin smooth and glossy

– Gives shine face

– Removes toxins from the body

– Improves the physical and psychological condition

– Gives physical strength

– Slows down aging

– Normalizes sleep

– Contributes to the control of body weight

One of the oldest classical writings of Ayurveda states: “Every day you need to do Abhyangu It slows aging, eliminate fatigue, displays the excess Vata Dosha and eases the problem of the head, ears, feet and legs.”.


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