Panchakarma Treatments – Part 2

Panchakarma Treatments - Part 2

1. Shirodhara

During the procedure on the forehead pour a nice steady stream of liquid. There are 4 types of Shirodhara: warm butter, milk, yogurt, herbal essence.

 Results Shirodhara:

– Balanced mind

– Increase in physical strength, elimination of fatigue

– Improving memory

– Soft and radiant skin

– Helps with eye disorders, nose, throat, ears,

– Restores good sleep

– Prevents premature hair graying

– Facilitates the effects of exhaustion

– Reduces headache, helps in the treatment of migraine

– Beneficial effect on high blood pressure

– Creates orderliness of active nerve centers

2. Shiro Basti

Warm, nastyaennoe herbal oil is poured into a special container at the patient’s head. Oil and therapeutic herbal composition is selected in accordance with a doctor’s prescription.


– Reducing the stress and headaches

– Elimination of migraines and insomnia

– Treatment of facial paralysis

– The elimination of nasal dryness of the mouth and throat

– Improves eyesight

– Improves memory and brain function

– Increases the overall sensitivity of the body

 3. Eye Treatment (Netra Tarpan).

The present and the refined herbal oil “Ghee” is poured into a special, made from dough containers located on the eyes. It is useful for the treatment of view, helps with dry eye, conjunctivitis, etc.


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