Panchakarma Treatments – Part 4

Panchakarma Treatments - Part 4

1. Oil bath (Pitstsichili)

The procedure in which the entire body cover abundantly with warm herbal oil.


– Supports longevity

– Improves appetite

– Makes the skin beautiful and glowing

– Strengthens all Dhatus (physical tissue) of the body and improves the potency

– Improves the functioning of all the organs of perception

– Useful for fractures

– Lowers cholesterol, improves heart

2. Navara Kiri.

Kinda Swedana (steam room), but it is more effective than other types of Svedala, because it has a triple impact on the body: oiling, and warming food. This procedure uses warm, soaked in a special therapeutic composition of rice balls.

Useful when:

– Muscular Dystrophy

– Diseases such as paralysis, arthritis, joint pain

– Headaches, especially those caused by an imbalance of Vata Dosha

– Premature aging

– Severe sluggishness, low energy

– Abnormal blood circulation

– General slagging.


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