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Every day our guests have the opportunity to get a soft practice of yoga therapy. Classes last 1 hour and are suitable for any age and level of physical fitness - from beginners to advanced.

Knowledge of Wellness

You can practice in group, independently or take private Yoga classes from our expert teachers, choosing from one of our various locations for individual Yoga sessions.

A stay at Ayurveda Bhavan can help you to gain well in your health from Ayurvedic doctor consultation, treatments and food combined with Yoga classes.

You will continue to benefit from your learning even after leaving Ayurveda Bhavan.

Please contact us for private Yoga classes.

Ayurveda Bhavan has a great Yoga program


City of Yoga

The name Rishikesh is one of the names of the god Shiva. Here, according to legend, he was able to reach Nirvana. The whole territory of the city and around it is considered sacred, and even an ordinary person, while meditating, can achieve high states of consciousness.

That is also why travelers come to the city. For your Yoga practice, you can choose several beautiful locations nearby Ayurveda Bhavan in Rishikesh.

At Ayurveda Bhavan, Yoga classes range from gentle to vigorous. Stretch, strengthen and balance the body. Reduce fat and get toned. Improve the heart, lungs, eyes, skin, joints and overall body.

Meditate, relax and rejuvenate nearby the Holy River Ganga amidst the freshness and beauty of Himalayas.

The instructors are Ayurveda Bhavan are highly experienced and teach from basic to advanced Yoga classes.

Come & Grow Together

Ayurveda Bhavan has special offers with discounts for groups.

If your group wants to learn basic to advanced Yoga or wants to get Ayurvedic treatment packages then special offers on courses, treatments and accommodation can be valid for your group.

Please contact us for group offers.

Make treatments more effective

Ayurveda &


It can be recommended to practice Yoga along with Ayurvedic treatments since Yoga can help the medicinal substances to go deeper into the body as required.

Yoga can also help to strengthen the body overall to maximize the benefits of treatments.

Meditative practices can also help to calm the mind and allow the body to do its work more efficiently and effectively.

Please contact us to learn more for your individual needs.

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