Panchakarma Treatments – Part 3

Panchakarma Treatments - Part 3

Ganga Vatika Health Center

1. Treatment of the ears (Karan Puuran)

The drops of warm oil dripping into your ears, to eliminate disorder Vata Dosha. This treatment is also used to prevent smudging deafness by the auditory nerve. Karan Puuran used to relieve pain, eliminate tinnitus and to remove toxins from the ear canal.

2. Pair (Swedana)

It swedana usually done after the body was completely oiled during the Ayurvedic massage (Abhyangi). In this procedure, a special box body gets herbal steam, causing active sweating.

High temperature steam liquefies the toxins and helps the body to get them through the pores of the skin. Swedana useful in the treatment of immobility and gravity of the body and the effects of hypothermia.

3. The local guys (Nadi Sweda)

Nadi Sweda prescribed to patients who need Swedana effect without compromising warming of the entire body.

4. Patra Potli.

Patra potli is a type of Svedala. The whole body is covered with abundant herbal compress soaked in warm medicated oil. Affected disorder of the body is massaged with herbal oil-bags.


– Elimination of joint pain and immobility

– Arthritis

– Elimination of inflammation

– Reduction of post-traumatic pain, reduction and removal of tumors


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