The importance of purification

The body accumulates toxins, as the glass of the lamp darkens as it burns.Panchakarma purifies the body, relieves excess, returns the inner “radiance”. It helps to restore youth and health.

Advantages of therapeutic procedures.

Panchakarma brings balance to the body and mind, eliminates toxins and toxins. The energy channels of the body become clogged with time. This is facilitated by bad habits, improper diet and stress. After a complete cleansing with the help of pancakarma procedures, you will feel rested, healthy and rejuvenated

Primary diagnosis

The first stage of treatment is pulse diagnosis of the doshas. The doctor determines the state of vital organs and the whole organism as a whole. Having determined the source of imbalance, the doctor selects the optimal procedures for the patient and makes an individual program of panchakarma. Thus, it is possible not only to cure chronic diseases, but also to prevent the development of diseases in the early stages.

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