Pancharian – Pancha – Five, Karma – Action

Panchakarma (pancharian – pancha – five, karma – action) is an ayurvedic procedure for cleansing the body. With its help toxins and slags are removed, which interfere with the proper functioning of internal organs and systems.

The complete program includes more than 20 different procedures that are selected individually The key to effective body cleansing is proper diagnosis and an individual approach. Therefore panchakarma begins with the diagnosis of the chief doctor of the clinic of doctorRaghupati Pandey.

With the help of pulse diagnostics, he reveals the general state of health and violations of the balance of doshas in the body. This determines the choice of the treatment regimen. At the preparatory stage, the body is “oiled”. The body is preparing to get rid of toxins, mucous membranes are protected before the forthcoming load. At the main stage of purification, the body removes toxins.

What procedures will give the maximum effect in your case, determines the doctor. Duration of treatment is also selected individually. To consolidate the effect after panchakarma, the doctor gives recommendations on nutrition, the compatibility of products, picks up a diet.

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