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Ragupati Pandey

Head Ayurvedic doctor of Ayurveda Bhavan Dr. Raghupati Pandey has been engaged in Ayurvedic medicine for more than 50 years. Secrets of ancient Indian approach to treatment are passed from generation to generation in his family. Dr. Raghupati Pandey is an expert in pulse diagnostics and has extensive experience treating patients from all parts of the world.

He is the author of many articles in leading journals and he has also worked as a professor in Ayurveda College. He possesses vast knowledge and experience in Ayurveda.

Dr. Raghupati Pandey

A Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Rishikesh

Sr. Ayurvedic Doctor


Vidya Rani Joshi

Dr. Vidya Rani Joshi is an experienced Ayurveda expert. MD in Ayurveda, PGC in Panchakarma, she specializes in the treatment of female gynecological diseases as well as children's health problems.

Her speciality is pulse diagnostics and treatment of severe stress and diseases like diabetes, diseases of the spine and joints, skin problems and diseases of the digestive system.

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